Dynamics, Controls, and Mechatronics Senior Lab ME 207

From Matt Bilsky

ME 207 is the senior lab for Mechanical Engineering students at Lehigh University. Each semester, students perform 2 experiments in two different topic areas. I had been teaching the Dynamics, Controls, and Mechatronics section of the lab.

The lab consists of two primary experiments: Modeling a DC Motor and Building a Crane to Real World Constraints.

I have uploaded the talks and recordings of the experiments to my YouTube Channel here: ME 207 YouTube Playlist

The course site in Moodle has also been uploaded to my personal Moodle Course Site here: Matt Bilsky Course Archive Moodle

The course site contains all the files and instructions needed to implement the course. Instructors may reach out if they wish to have access to the interview questions and grading rubrics.

Please feel free to re-use but I would appreciate credit as the creator.