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Our continuing project is building low-cost, 3D printed snake-like robots for inspection and repair


Impossible Incorporated began its work on snake-like robots with the goal of running wires through walls without creating a mess. As the project progressed, we have transitioned into offering low-cost, 3D printed snake-like robots for inspection and repair. We want to be the robot for everyone!

Our snake-like robot consists of rigid links with the first mechanism that allows them to extend and rotate in a single joint. This mechanism can also be used in a variety of applications outside of robotics.

We have also developed gear box technologies such as the world's smallest, strongest gearbox.

All of the technologies are available for purchase and/or licensing and are patent-pending in the US and abroad.

Each link in the robot is identical and can rotate relative to the adjacent link both in a single plane or 3 dimensional space. The robot can then form "S shapes" and brace itself against the walls of a cavity to climb in 3 dimensions


Our Story

Impossible Incorporated LLC was founded in December, 2013 to commercialize Dr. Matt Bilsky's passion and experience in Engineering Design and Development. Combining skills in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering fields along with a design background and construction industry experience Impossible Incorporated is able to provide its customers with novel, outside-the-box solutions to life’s it would be nice if… problems.

Dr. Bilsky and Impossible Incorporated tied for 2nd place in the 2016 Lemelson/MIT Invention Competition. The following 2 minute video tells his story and the founding of the company.

Funding Sources

We are currently looking for angel, seed, and strategic corporate partner investments. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing futher!

The following agencies have supported the development of the snakelike robot:

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