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Welcome to the online portfolio of Matt Bilsky, PhD, PE

Impossible Incorporated is the commercial brand for Matt Bilsky's work and research in Engineering Design, Product Development, Robotics, and Mechatronics. Our mission is to solve life's Wouldn't it be nice if ...? problems with novel engineering solutions

This online portfolio has examples of projects completed along with course materials developed while working as a Professor at Lehigh University in the Mechanical Engineering and Technical Entrepreneurship Departments

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Learn more about my company, FLX Solutions, and my latest project the FLX BOT.

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Introducing the FLX BOT

Both my dissertation work and ongoing project to commercialize a low-cost 3D printed snake-like robot for inspection, maintenance, and more.

Check out FLX Solutions for more details

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Example Projects

Automatic Kite String Reeler-Inner

Automatically winds your kite for you!

KSRI top 1.jpg Pic with kite.png


160 Watt portable speaker system with text message based song requests

Bag closed.jpg Power circuitry.jpg 2015-01-23 16.23.55.jpg


Text message notification system for clothes dryers

Dryer Top.jpeg Dryer guts.jpeg Dryer Antenna.jpeg


Digital pill loading and dispensing system

Base station.jpg Cartridge.jpg Inside.jpg Phone.jpg

Interfacing BeagleBoard with Simulink and Arduino

Beagleboard-hardware-overview.JPG Arduino-beagleboard-circuit.JPG

Flight Data System

ScreenShot.jpg Callouts.jpg Flyby.png

Servo Block Library for Simulink Arduino Target