Repairing Logitech Z623 Speakers

From Matt Bilsky

I've had a great pair of Logitech Z623 speakers for a little over 2 years (sadly the warranty is only 2 years). They're great except a carbonated beverage exploded causing a consistent cracking sound.


Some basic troubleshooting suggested that the problem was in the volume control since turning it would change the cracking.

Looking around, I found THIS SITE with links to pictures about taking apart the speakers.

Some notes I learned the hard way:

  1. Carefully remove the THX logo to get to the screw behind it so you don't snap the back off it like I did (it's lodged in there so it takes some force to remove).
  2. Do not try to pry the power button off (you need to pry the volume and bass dials off). Doing so will snap one if not both of the tabs that help it sit correctly (luckily I only snapped one so it still works fairly well).

Once taking them completely apart I was able to access the circuit board. Looking at the codes on the side of the Volume control I determined it is a 9mm Alpha A100K 100K Audio Taper Potentiometer Dual Gang RTangle PC Mount (I bought my replacements off of eBay).

Potentiometer Front:


Potentiometer Side:


To replace the part I needed to heat my Hakko iron to 899F to melt the factory solder. I then cleaned it up with de-solder braid and removed the broken volume control

Board with Potentiometer Removed:


Then I soldered in the new one and put everything back together. The old control had a semi-circle shaft while the new one had a fully rounded shaft. I simply broke off the small plastic tabs inside the volume knob to accomondate the round shaft.

Once everything was hooked up, it works and sounds great! I easily saved $40 (the cost of a used right speaker on eBay).