Telemark Binding Adapter Plate for Fischer Progressor Skis

From Matt Bilsky


I've been alpine skiing on a pair of 165cm Fischer Progressor 07-08 skis for 4 years and absolutely love them. This year I've decided to upgrade to a pair of high performance telemark skis and a new pair of Progressors was an easy choice.

The goal of the project was to remove the stock track mount binding on a new pair of Fischer Progressor 900 skis and replace it with a pair of 22 Designs HammerHead telemark bindings.

Stock Skis

The stock Progressor comes with a Race Track mount binding meaning the plate comes pre-attached to the ski from the factory. This essentially limits the ski to the intended Fischer binding.


Image copyright Fischer Sports

Race Track Binding Plate


Image Copyright Fischer Sports

At first glance it appears that the plate is simply integrated into the screw. Prying up at the front of the plate with a flat screwdriver reveals that it is just screwed to the ski


The design of the track shows two screws in the front that are in a fixed position and 6 channels for the rest of the screws that allow the plate to flex with the ski.

Inside the groves are sliders pictured below:

Slider screw.jpg Slider.jpg

Here is the slider in the grove:

Slider track.jpg

Examining the screws show that there needs to be two different diameter counter bores in order for them to fit snugly.


Custom Plate Design

The HammerHead binding uses a 6 screw mounting patter for the toe of the binding and the heel uses two vertical screws.


Image copyright 22Designs

I measured the boot sole height on the stock Fischer binding to be 1 3/8". While it would be simple to just flat mount the HammerHead binding since it has a 1" rise, we would lose torque and the fun of the project!

Thus it was decided to mill a plate to raise the binding 3/8" out of Aluminum. Aluminum 6061 was purchased from McMaster Carr: 6061 Aluminum on McMaster Site. The holes on the HammerHead binding are in a 1.5" grid pattern. 2.5" Aluminum provides enough room to position the holes.

I wanted to keep the flex feature of the original race track provided by the grooves so this was also integrated into the plate design. In order to make it so that I can switch my bindings from ski to ski my other skis have quiver killers installed for mounting Quiver Killer Inserts. The inserts have a M5-.8 thread pattern so for ease of use the same thread holes were used in the plate design.

As the screws used to mount the race track were specifically chosen by Fischer it seemed logical to use them for our plate too. To make machining easier I also used the sliders from the race track.

The finished plates are shown below:


To make mounting easier I recommend machining a plate with the 4 mounting holes machined to guide the drill bit. My jig is pictured below:


CAD Drawings

3D PDF files:

Toe Plate

Heel Plate

Solidworks Drawings:

Toe Plate

Heel Plate

Below is the scanned version of my machining notes (tool movements and drill sizes)

Machining notes

Finished Product

I am 5' 6" and decided to mount ~.25" forward of chord center. For a reference the front of the toe plate jig was lined up with the letter "L" in the word glue on the ski. Riding the skis in this position for me was a blast! But just like everything in skiing do what works best for your build and skiing ability.

Mounted toe plate

Mounted toe.jpg

Toe and Heel

Toe and heel.jpg

Finished Skis

Finished skis.jpg


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