ME 374 Mechatronics Lab: All participants


Day 1: Digital vs. Analog and AC vs. DC

Folder Folder Helper Files

Day 1: Soldering, Multimeters, Power Supplies, and Breadboards

Folder Folder Pictures of a BNC converted to Breadboard Pins

Day 3: Intro to Arduino---Mega and Teensy

Folder Folder Pinouts Mega and Teensy

Day 6: Disassembling a Power Supply and Conversion of a Power Supply to a Lab Supply

Folder Folder Power Tester Helper Files

Day 8: Measuring Fan Speed

Folder Folder Alternative Omron EE-SB5

Day 9: Chamber Construction 1; Wire Harness

Folder Folder "Quick Reference" Thermochamber Circuits and Components

Day 10: Chamber 3; powering circuitry

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Day 19 and 20: Arduino on web, ethernet shield; Project 2

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