Topic Name Description
File Syllabus ME374 SP 17 012317
Day 1: Introduction to Mechatronics Course File 0 Overview of Course by Matt Bilsky
File Thermal Chamber System Architecture Block Diagram

This is an overview of the system you are building for your first project. From day to day, you will be building each of the small components shown in the block diagram.

Day 1: Digital vs. Analog and AC vs. DC File Electricity 101 and AC vs DC
File AC vs DC - 3 Phase
File Single, Dual/Split and Three Phase Power
File Analog vs Digital Part 1
File Analog vs Digital Part 2
File Analog vs Digital Part 3
File Analog vs Digital Part 4
Folder Helper Files
File Useful Things

Pinouts, circuit diagrams, and other visuals that are helpful throughout the thermochamber project.

Day 1: Soldering, Multimeters, Power Supplies, and Breadboards URL Comprehensive Soldering Guide
URL Tinning the Tip - How to protect a soldering iron
URL Soldering Example Video

Basic Soldering Instructional Video

File Desoldering Guide
Folder Pictures of a BNC converted to Breadboard Pins
File pins (not holes) db9
File How to use a Multimeter
File Using the Bench Top Power Supply (24 Volts)
Day 2: Bits, Bytes, and Binary File Fundamentals 3
File Number Systems
File Bits, Bytes, and Lots More
File Tutorial - Data Lines
File Tutorial - Data Lines - Answers
Day 2: Leds and Buttons, first time--the analog world File Using a Breadboard
File Simple Theory of LEDs

Select desired voltage drop and current of diode based on 1) desired light level (use LED spec sheet) and 2) power/voltage available from source (use sources spec sheet).  You can fry both the LED and part of the source by making the desired current larger than the item allows.

File LED Testing Assignment
File EE device reference sheet
File Generic LED Datasheet
Day 3: Intro to Arduino---Mega and Teensy File Intro to Microcontrollers - AVR Butterfly

We are not using this approach for this course.

If you are interested in learning about microcontrollers and coding in Assembly and C, this would be good to look into.

URL Arduino IDE Download Page
URL Teensy USB Development
Folder Pinouts Mega and Teensy
File Arduino Programing Notebook Version 6
File Arduino Digital Output

Taken from the Arduino Programming Notebook v6

File Demo Arduino Blink
File Arduino Grounding

How to properly ground your Arduino in a variety of situations. 

File Lighting a LED with Arduino
File Arduino vs Teensy
URL Interrupts for Arduino
URL Serial Monitor to .txt
Day 3 and 4: Signal Generators and Oscilloscopes File Signal Generators and Oscilloscopes
File Laboscope

File Putty

Identify the COM Port your computer uses and how to communicate through the COM port using PuTTY.

File ascii Chart
File How to check COM port for Putty
File OWON Oscilloscope Tutorial

This is only an excerpt from the user manual.

The complete manual can be found at:

All About Serial File All About Serial
File Sparkfun Serial Communication
File MAX3232 Breakout Schematic
File RS232 vs. TTL
File Tera Term
File Programming Micro Controllers (ATMEGA328)
File Serial Communication Through Arduino
File Ladyada Serial Tutorial
File Serial Communication Example Code
Day 5: Wall Wart and Power Supplies File Wall Wart and Filtering
File A Dummies' Guide to Working with Wall Warts
Day 6: Disassembling a Power Supply and Conversion of a Power Supply to a Lab Supply File chamber disassembly
Folder Power Tester Helper Files
File ATX Power Supply Specification
URL ATX Power Supply Converted to Bench Power Supply
File Conversion of ATX Power Supply to Lab Power Supply
File Power Supply Technical Guide
URL Inexpensive atx Power Supply Tester
Day 7: Op Amps and Voltage Dividers File How an Op Amp Works, The Basics

Very basic explanation of how ideal operational amplifiers work and can be used.

File Op Amps and Voltage Dividers

Be sure to do mostly everything in this Powerpoint. A common test frequency in the audio world is a 1000 Hz.

File Engineer's Mini Notebook: Op Amps and IC's
File 741 Tutorial
File LM741 Datasheet
File Voltage Dividers - Wikipedia
URL Arduino Capacitance Measurement

A Hack-a-Day tutorial on using the arduino to find the capacitance of a capacitor.

URL Op Amp Calculator
File Basic Op Amp Circuit Guide Sheet

Explains some details about the circuit constructed in the powerpoint.

URL Comparator Circuit
Day 8: Measuring Fan Speed File Arduino Interrupt Tutorial
File Fan Speed Arduino Sample Code
File Reading the Fan Speed
URL Arduino attachInterrupt() Documentation
File Button Interrupt Code Snippit
File Measuring Fan Speed
File IR LED Tachometer
File TCRT5000 Datasheet
File QRD1114 Spec Sheet
File Reflective Sensor
File TCRT5000 Application Circuits
Folder Alternative Omron EE-SB5

Do not remove silicon likely will break off resistor. Pictures show how it looks with silicon removed. 

File RunningAverage
Day 8: Controlling fan speed File Controlling Fan Speed
File Arduino PWM Tutorial
File Fan Arduino Example Code
File PID
Day 9: Chamber Construction 1; Wire Harness File Setting up the thermo chamber - Cabling
Folder "Quick Reference" Thermochamber Circuits and Components

MW Fall 2014

Day 9: Chamber 2; power, light and relay File Setting up the thermo chamber - Lamp and Relay
File Relay Datasheet
File Relay Datasheet (Omron G5V-1)
File Pull-Up Resistor Information
File Relay Data Sheet (ZETTLER AZ942-1CT-12DE)
Day 10: Chamber 3; powering circuitry File Setting up the thermo chamber - Powering the Circuitry
Folder Helper Files
Day 11: Chamber 4; LED, button File LED and a Button
File Arduino Digital Input

Taken from Arduino Programming Notebook v6

File LED Example Code
File LED + Button Example Code
Day 11 and 12; Chamber 5, controlling relay File Controlling the Relay
File MOSFET Datasheet
File Tutorial
File Diode Datasheet
File LED + Button + Relay Example Code
File Fritzing and Motor/Diode Tutorial
Day 13: Chamber 7; temperature sensor File Temperature Sensor
File TMP36 Datasheet
File Ladyada Temperature Sensor Tutorial
File Temperature Sensor Example Code
Day 13 and 14: Chamber 8; graphing with processing File Graphing in Processing
File Processing 1.5.1
File Graphing Arduino Example Code
File Graphing Processing Example Code
Day 14: Chamber 9; LCD display File LCD Display
File Truly LCD Module Datasheet
File LCD Datasheet
File Ladyada LCD Tutorial
File Character Generator
File LCD Arduino Example Code
File dmc 16230 optrex display data (14pin)
Day 15; Chamber 10; adding set point File Creating a Set Point
File Set Point Arduino Example Code 1
File Set Point Arduino Example Code 2

A simplified code for changing and displaying the temperature set point.

Day 15 and 16; Chamber 11; graphing set point in processing File Graphing the Set Point
File Graphing the Set Point Arduino Code Example
File Graphing the Set Point Arduino Code Example 2

Simplified Arduino code for graphing the set point.

This code as a more intelligent output to the LCD, which only occurs when the set point is changed and every 250th cycle for the current temperature.  This makes the temperature readable, and decreases the work done by the Arduino each iteration.

File Graphing the Set Point Processing Code Example
Day 16: Chamber 12; 3 LEDs File Indicator LEDs
File Indicator LEDs Arduino Code Example
Day 18: Chamber 15; simple temperature control File Simple Control System
File Control System Arduino Code
File Sample Code for Thermochamber Fundamental Components

This sample code can be used if you're having trouble getting your relay and fan to work together.

Day 19: Chamber 16; additional temperature sensors File Additional Temperature Sensors
File 3 Temperature Sensors Arduino Code
Thermal chamber and Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 example code and libraries File arduino and huzzah code with libraries

After creating an account with Adafruit, you can access facilities on to control IoT devices from the web and send data to the web. You should have the Arduino send data to the Huzzah via serial communication. This data is what the Huzzah sends over to

File Heat Box video (Joachim Amoah)
URL Tutorial for NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module) AKA: Cheaper Huzzah found on Amazon

This tutorial uses the cheaper model of the Adafruit Huzzah which has some slightly different settings then the real one. Make sure you select the right board in arduino or else this model will not work.

File Huzzah Data Sheet
File Master & Slave Codes
File Tips for using ESP 8266
Day 19 and 20: Arduino on web, ethernet shield; Project 2 File Arduino and the Web
Folder Helper Files

Setting Up Secured WiFi

URL Arduino To Internet
Day 20: Chamber 17; Xively, data to web File Uploading Data to the Web
File Cosm Arduino Sample Code
File Xively Tutorial
Day 21: Chamber 18; settings from web, PHP and SQL, Project 3 File my sql tutorial
File Getting to cPanel Instructions
File Downloading from the Web
File PHP Introduction
File MySQL Overview
File Arduino Code
File Update.php
File Config.php
Day ???: Microcontrollers and AVR Butterfly File Preping Serial Cable
File serial wires
File headers
File Intro to Micro Controllers - AVR Butterfly
File Smiley's AVR Butterfly Introduction
File Programming Butterfly for Idiots Like Me

Introduction to C programming on the Butterfly including Serial Connection, Terminal Use,  Programmers Notepad and Introduction to AVR-Studio.  Nice getting started tutorial.

File Butterfly FAQ
File Programming Micro Controllers (ATMEGA328)
File AVR Studio 4 Installer
File WinAVR Tools Installer
File Debugging 101
File AVR Butterfly Pinouts
File PC Serial to Butterfly Made Easy
File AVR 169 Datasheet
URL Wi-Fi thermostat
File AVR Butterfly Evaluation Kit

Detailed Product Manual

URL Butterfly Beginners Site

Learn how to could a microcontroller in C.  Ideas work on all microcontrollers.

Day ????? Advanced topics, Possibly within Project 2 File Advanced Topics
File Arduino Servo Tutorial
File Wireless Buying Guide
File Circuit Simulation

A tutorial for designing and simulating circuits in Altium.

File Quick Guide to using H-Bridges
File More detailed version of H-Bridge Documentation
URL SD Card for Data Logging

Useful for recording data if Arduino is not connected by serial and WIFI or other over the air options are not available.